Hire Technical Translation Services

Consider this scenario: You have just finished launching a great product in your local market. You get enquiries from a few other international markets to showcase your products and you believe there is great potential for capitalizing from the international demand. You have about 200 pages of product catalogues, brochures and user guides. You need to translate them into 5 languages quickly. Would you be able to find translators at such a short notice? Even if you did, how can they guarantee accuracy of sensitive information? Do the translators have a method to identify errors and measure accuracy levels?

Technical translation is complex when compared to other forms of translation. Technical documentation is important for businesses in almost all industries. From user manuals, to installation procedures, to sales literature, technical content helps customers and stakeholders of your business to experience your products / services better.

Why invest in technical translation services?

With businesses operating in multiple geographic regions, it also becomes necessary to translate your technical literature into the local language. Unlike the simple translation of content, technical translation demands a strong knowledge of technical concepts as well as a firm grip on languages.

Technical translation is so important that a slight error in the translated document can cause major havoc. For instance, minor mistakes in metric terminology in the installation manual of a plant can lead to disastrous consequences. Needless to say, terminology and industry standards play a crucial role in translating technical documents.

OutsourcingTranslation provides technical translation covering a wide range of industries. Our technical translators possess both industry expertise and professional language certifications. We have translated various technical documents including product catalogues, installation manuals, sales collateral, website content, industry research reports etc.

Technical translation services by OutsourcingTranslation

OutsourcingTranslation believes that speed, accuracy, terminology and cultural factors (of the target audience) are important factors in a technical translation assignment. We therefore approach every project with care and attention to detail. Initially we strive to understand your business and industry landscape and the language / country that you want translations for. Appropriate domain specialists and language experts are deployed after studying the target market's needs.

We have worked with technical translations covering these areas:

  • Installation Guides
  • Operation Manuals
  • Bill of Materials
  • Labels
  • Presentations
  • Safety Manuals
  • Software Translation and Localization
  • Training Materials
  • Technical Proposals
  • Product Catalogues
  • User guides
  • Engineering Drawings
  • E-learning Material
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Sales Collaterals
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Company Newsletters
  • Plant / Machinery Specifications

We translate between these international languages:

  • English technical translation
  • German technical translation
  • French technical translation
  • Italian technical translation
  • English Spanish technical translation
  • Japanese technical translation
  • Portuguese technical translation
  • Korean technical translation
  • Russian technical translation

The technical translators at OutsourcingTranslation

Every industry brings its own terminologies and best practices. With technical translation projects too, industry knowledge is as important as translation expertise. Based on the nature of your project and the language you want the translation work done for, we handpick translators from the appropriate industry backgrounds.

This is to ensure that along with a highly accurate translation, the intended meaning of the original document is preserved. Most of our projects are handled by native speakers only to accurately preserve the meaning and context of the original document. In cases, where native speakers aren't available we pick translators who have had sufficient expertise. Additionally we also deploy subject matter experts to work with translators to ensure that the technical aspect of the translation stays intact as in the original document.

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