Hire Marketing Translation Services

Marketing is a critical activity for any business. Regardless of what product or service you sell, it is important that you promote and market your business to your target audience. When you need to market your products / services in the international market, it may be important to use the local language to get your message across. Marketing translation enables translating your marketing material, sales collateral and advertisement messages from one language into another.

Unlike literal translation, marketing translation demands that you understand the customer group, the culture, the slang and dialects of the local market. A poorly translated marketing message can harm your brand and can have disastrous consequences on your bottom line. Here are some examples of poorly executed advertising and marketing translations:

  • Electrolux used a popular advertising campaign in the US that did not work in the Scandinavian market. Its marketing message read - "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux". Needless to say, what implications this advertisement had for the company.
  • Pepsi had a successful run with its marketing campaign with the message - "Come alive with the Pepsi Generation". When it translated this message and promoted it in Chinese it read, "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave".

The above examples do not affect only the large brands. Any company who wishes to enter a foreign market needs to have a through understanding of the cultural and societal implications a marketing message might carry.

While you may find many local and outsourced translation service providers, it is hard to find a company that is proficient in marketing as well as in translation. Finding the right marketing translation services company gets even more difficult when you are looking at outsourcing as an option.

Marketing Translation Services by OutsourcingTranslation

OutsourcingTranslation is very much aware of the small but critical things that go into translating a marketing message and making it work in an international market. Before we begin any translation project, we understand factors such as your business, the project goals, your customer, market size and demographics, the psychographics of your target customer, your products / services etc. All these contribute to evoke the right emotion in your customer and positively influence them to buy your product / service.

We provide international marketing translation for these languages:

  • Marketing Spanish translation
  • Marketing German translation
  • Marketing Chinese (Simplified and Mandarin) translation
  • Marketing Italian translation
  • Marketing Japanese translation
  • Marketing Portuguese translation
  • Marketing Korean translation
  • Marketing Russian translation

We work with a variety of marketing related content. Some of these include:

  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • Website localization / Software localization
  • Product brochures
  • Business cover letters
  • General business related articles
  • Press releases
  • TV and radio advertisements
  • Sales copy / collateral
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Banner ads
  • Magazine inserts and advertisements
  • Classifieds
  • Press kits
  • Product catalogues
  • Taglines
  • PPC advertising / Search engine marketing

Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing Translation to OutsourcingTranslation

The OutsourcingTranslation team consists of certified language and marketing translators, proof readers, quality managers and project managers. Our language professionals possess an acute knowledge of the local culture, customs and dialect variations. Our translators are handpicked from universities, and are further trained on cultural aspects and marketing fundamentals.

A structured process of translation along with a strict quality control process is employed. For instance, when we translate from Spanish to English, we repeat the process in translating the same document from English to Spanish.

This allows us to check for consistency in the language and interpretation of the subject. Since Human translators are used for our projects, we are able to achieve a high accuracy every time.

Contact us to discuss your marketing translation requirements with us.