Hire Audio Translation Services

When you need to reach a global audience, it is important to speak their language. Though English is considered as a universal language of communication, there are many countries that prefer to be spoken to in their own tongue. Translation makes this happen and lets your business gain trust and credibility with the local market.

Audio translation refers to the translation of audio from both video and audio recordings. The translated audio might be in a textual format (paper / digital) or can be a subtitle / caption embedded in the video source. Audio translations are helpful when you need to convert your video and audio files in order to reach out to a larger audience.

Why invest in audio translation services?

Apart from finding applications in DVD and Video Subtitling, audio translation services find extensive use in translating webcasts, podcasts, radio shows and business meetings. An efficient audio translator should not only be an expert in the languages that he is dealing with but should also have an ear for detail. Audio masks the dialect and the cultural aspects of a conversation; this needs to be picked up by the translator otherwise it might send the wrong message in the translated document.

Outsourcing your audio translation needs can save you the investment needed to hire the staff and equipment needed to run a translation operation. Compared to local translation providers, outsourcing service providers might give you equal or better services at a fraction of the cost of what is provided locally.

OutsourcingTranslation has worked with companies in translating their audio, video and other multimedia formats into a variety of translated files - including paper transcripts, subtitles / captions and voice-overs. We work with Asian, Indic and European languages and can translate between them without compromising on speed, accuracy and quality.

Audio Translation Services by OutsourcingTranslation

OutsourcingTranslation's audio translators possess more than just a strong grasp of the language; they are also highly trained on the culture, grammar and small nuances that a language carries. This is critical in business translations where a small error might backfire.

Whether you require translation of DVDs, films, business training material, educational, webcast or broadcast programs, or product-launch audio/video, we can take up the translation and conversion of any volume of your audio files.

Our audio translation services cover translation between these languages:

  • Audio English translation
  • Japanese audio translation
  • Russian audio translation
  • French audio translation
  • Korean audio translation
  • Spanish audio translation
  • German audio translation
  • Italian audio translation

We provide audio translation services that have these following areas of application:

  • Films / DVDs
  • Training audios
  • Sales presentation / marketing collaterals
  • Radio shows / talk shows
  • Advertisements
  • Point of Sale messages
  • Public service messages
  • Webcasts / Podcasts
  • Webinar transcripts
  • Website audios
  • Technical audio manuals
  • Audio travel guides / Audio tours
  • Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)
  • Voicemail messages
  • E-learning programs
  • Museums
  • PC / Video games
  • Self-Help Audio/Video
  • In store Kiosks

We have worked with industries such as:

  • IT
  • Media
  • Electronics
  • Government Organizations
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance

The audio and video formats that we work with include:

  • Mp3 ,WAV, RA, WMA,
  • DVD Video, Mp4, AVI, XVID, WMV and other video formats
  • Streaming audio and video formats
  • Standard cassette tapes
  • Micro-cassette tapes
  • VHS video tapes

Choose OutsourcingTranslation as your Audio translation partner

Since 1999, we have worked with companies across the globe with their translation needs. With a core audio translation team comprising of highly experienced audio professionals, linguists, quality analysts and project managers, we are able to turnaround every project well within the specified time and with high accuracy rates.

We have a strong infrastructure support system with advanced audio, video and text tools to improve productivity and lower costs. We employ native language professionals in most of our translation assignments and recruit trained translators in case native speakers aren't available. Security measures such confidentiality agreements with our staff and internet and systems security tools ensure that there is no breach of sensitive information.

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