Outsource Business Transcription Services

Business environments today are extremely different from how they were a few years ago. Senior business professionals, who multitask and deal with their own correspondence and reports, resort to business transcription services as they do not have the time to do it themselves. With meetings and negotiations often held at short notice periods and in remote locations, there is usually no dedicated staff present to take notes or type out the proceedings of the same. It is in such a scenario that business transcription plays an invaluable role. OutsourcingTranslation provides reliable business transcription services at competitive rates.

Our business transcription services allow companies to maintain high-quality records of their business activities without having to co-ordinate dictations, minutes, drafting and proofing. We transcribe your audio files into accurate, proofread text files within a very quick turnaround time. Word processing packages and personal organizers have led many global corporations to do away with personal assistants. Business Transcription has gained a lot of significance; it has moved beyond the image of mere conversion of audio files into verbatim text files.

Our Services

Our customers across the world avail our business transcription services, which are applicable to almost all industries, right from healthcare and insurance to airlines and automobiles. We provide business transcription services for business meetings, business groups, speakers / moderators, teleconferences, etc. Our services can be used for the following:

  • Business conferences
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Symposiums and consortia
  • Annual meetings
  • Office overflow work
  • Phone calls
  • Focus group meetings
  • Board and brainstorming sessions
  • Surveys and market research
  • Press conferences
  • Strategic-planning meetings
  • Seminars
  • Taped interviews
  • Security interviews
  • Investigations
  • Business correspondences
  • Training programs
  • Sales meetings
  • Computer desktop dictations

Advantages of Our Business Transcription Services

Instead of struggling with difficult accents, distortions, background noises and hours of editing, most companies prefer to save time and money and outsource the transcription requirements to us. We are dedicated to providing effective business transcription services. The benefits of outsourcing business transcription services to us are:

  • Fast, accurate transcripts
  • No investment in special equipment
  • No personnel or related expenses
  • Competitive rates
  • Access to experienced and trained transcriptionists who are proficient in business communication
  • Stringent quality assurance processes
  • High security maintained for confidentiality of your audio / video files
  • Capability to work on a wide range of file formats such as Word, WordPerfect or any other format required by the customer.
  • Completed transcripts sent as email attachments or uploaded to secure FTP or in any other manner preferred by the customer.

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