Hire Audio Transcription Service Company

Simply put, audio transcription is the process of converting audio files into text. When details about a live event need to be circulated to a large number of people across geographies, it is easier to convert audio recordings into text and then circulate them. At OutsourcingTranslation, we provide precise audio transcription services at competitive rates, within a quick turnaround time.

It might be a daunting task to transcribe audio files at your office / home. Thus, it is better you outsource your audio transcription requirements to an offshore company like ours, which specializes in providing audio transcription services. The transcripts that we deliver to our customers are free from errors, clear and understandable. Outsource your audio files to us and be rest assured that you will receive accurate transcripts.

Our Audio Transcription Services

We provide audio transcription services for

  • webinars
  • pod casts
  • conferences
  • college lectures
  • interviews
  • telephone conversations
  • focus group discussions
  • seminars
  • meetings
  • radio broadcasts
  • TV talk shows

Formats That We Support

We can provide audio transcription services for both - digital and non digital files, some of which are:

  • .mp3
  • .wav
  • .dss
  • .wma
  • .mp4
  • .au
  • VHS
  • magnetic tapes
  • standard tapes
  • micro cassettes

Who Uses Our Audio Transcription Services?

Our audio transcription services are availed by:

  • Media companies
  • Public relations companies
  • Publishing companies
  • Law firms and
  • Academic institutions

Our Team and Approach

We have a team of skilled and experienced transcriptionists. Besides having an in-house team, we also have a network of qualified transcriptionists, who are located at strategic places. This helps us in providing transcription services in other languages also. For example, you can get your audio file (in English) transcribed to a text file in English as well as French. Post transcription in English, we translate the text file in English into French. Once that is done, our quality analysts check and proofread the translated document in French.

Advantages of Hiring Audio Transcription Services from Us

  • Have core competencies in providing audio transcription services across various industries and languages
  • Team of experienced transcriptionists who are well-versed with foreign languages and a variety of accents
  • State-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to deliver audio transcription services at a lower cost and at a higher speed
  • Excellent hearing aids to clearly hear the audio files before transcribing them
  • Reliable and accurate services
  • Quality checks ensure that the transcripts are free from errors
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Complete confidentiality and security of customer-sensitive data

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