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With global frontiers shrinking, the demand for transcription services in multiple foreign languages is increasing. If your audio content has to be converted into another foreign language, you can outsource your requirements to OutsourcingTranslation. We can transcribe your audio content in the source language, in a written format and then translate it into the target language of your choice. Post translation, we can convert the written translation into an audio file, with ease. You will find accurate foreign language transcription outsourcing services at OutsourcingTranslation, delivered to you within a quick turnaround time. With competency in foreign languages, we are capable of providing cost-effective transcription solutions.

Transcription services are widely being used by businesses to maintain archives of important conferences and meetings. Transcription is also used in several other places, where audio files need to be stored in a written text format. It has spread its wings across various business and academic functions. We have the ability to provide professional multilingual transcription services to several international companies, transcription agencies and production houses across the globe. Our foreign language transcription services can address the following requirements:

Features of Our Distinct Services

  • OutsourcingTranslation's service delivery model revolves around customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and quality.
  • Our transcription services are built on exceptional customer support, dedication and commitment towards nurturing long-term customer relationships.
  • The team of skilled and experienced transcription professionals at OutsourcingTranslation has the ability to transcribe your business-critical information and translate it to other foreign languages such as French and Spanish.
  • Our certified foreign language transcriptionists have a sound knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure of their respective native languages.
  • Professionally qualified transcriptionists in our team adhere to confidentiality and security standards and ensure that crucial information related to your project remains secure with us.
  • Our transcriptionists have the ability to decipher different language accents and dialects.
  • We pay attention to detail and meticulously review our work before delivering it to you.

Get the OutsourcingTranslation Advantage

  • High level of accuracy
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitive prices
  • Expeditious and courteous communication regarding your transcription project
  • Expert multilingual transcription and translation solutions
  • We have the requisite infrastructure and expertise to provide all types of transcription services
  • Stringent quality control policy
  • Security and confidentiality of your audio files

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