Hire Medical Interpretation Services

As the population of non-English speaking medical professionals and doctors continues to grow, the need for qualified medical interpreters is also growing. Legal requirements in many countries call for equal medical treatment to all patients, regardless of their English proficiency. This has led to the rapid increase in the requirement of medical interpreters. OutsourcingTranslation leaves no stone unturned in providing dependable medical interpretation services, leaving no room for error, delay or poor communication.

Our team consists of medical interpreters who break the language barrier that exists at hospitals and other related medical environments and ensure that correct communication takes place. The telephonic medical interpretation services provided by us play a significant role in facilitating interaction between health practices and patients.

Our Medical Interpretation Services

It is essential that medical interpretation must be rigorous with regards to the quality of interpretation and terminological accuracy. We have a team of certified medical and healthcare interpreters who are proficient in the language that they interpret. We can provide medical interpretation services for the following:

  • Medical records
  • Patient consent forms
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) for patients
  • Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  • Interpreting proceedings of medical conferences and seminars
  • Instruction packages for medical equipment
  • Scientific and technical articles

Our Approach

It is our constant endeavour to provide accurate foreign language interpretation services. Our medical interpreting services have been used by hospitals, clinical / healthcare practices, Public Health Departments and several other companies in the medical domain, across the globe. Medical interpreters at OutsourcingTranslation interpret information from one language to another in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Interpretation is carried out keeping the intended audience in mind - be it a patient, physician or a compliance official.

By opting for our telephonic medical interpretation services, you can get access to professional interpretation at the convenience of your office. The need for telephonic interpreting services in the medical domain is growing as it helps you communicate effectively in 2 different languages, irrespective of the geographical location that you are in.

Benefits of Partnering with Us for Your Medical Interpretation Needs

  • We use high-end equipment in order to clearly communicate during the telephonic interpretation process.
  • You can save on precious time by opting for our medical interpretation services rather than hiring an onsite interpreter. All you have to do is dial and connect to us
  • Our offshore medical interpretation services are cost-effective in nature, helping you cut costs and maximize returns.
  • We can provide interpretation services from one language to many target languages
  • Experienced communication and language analysts monitor the interpretation calls answered by our interpreters on a regular basis
  • Our medical interpretation services comply to HIPAA standards of patient confidentiality

We have come a long way since providing large scale medical transcription services to companies in the US, the UK and other counties. Contact us to outsource medical interpretation services.